Introducing CAMAFLEXI: One Bed, Many Options!

How It Works


One Bed, Many Options

Camaflexi is a bedding system uniquely designed to adapt and change to the growing needs of children. At the base is our standard Twin Size Platform Bed which can be adapted into many different variations depending upon individual needs or tastes. By simply adding on additional parts or extension kits, your options grow. As illustrated, by adding a Back Guard Rail Kit, the bed is transformed into a Day Bed. Add on a Low Leg Extension Kit and it becomes a Low Loft Bed, or add a second Bed with the Bunk Bed Kit and you have a Bunk Bed. The transitional possibilities are virtually endless! At any stage, whatever your child’s current bedding needs are, Camaflexi offers one of the most complete youth bedding lines in the US market. Our line offers many of the highest quality beds available, be it Twin Beds, Day Beds, Toddler Beds, Loft Beds, and Bunk Beds, etc.

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